Friday, July 3, 2009

Why i have not posted

I am sorry that i have not posted any new items for you all but this is what has happened. I will try to get some new freebies added soon.

Just before Christmas of 2008, my computer hardrive died, i did have a newer pc with Vista and then i bought another new one. But for the 14 months before that period, i had been sick on and off and had missed alot of work so decided to go part-time instead of being full time, thinking this would let me control when i was not felling well. I then decided to go back full time Jan 5, 2009 but that did not happen as i was so ill, i went to hospital three times, on the third time they admitted me. I was extremely ill, ended up in intensive care twice, stopped eating and was put on meal replacement.

I could not keep my potassium levels up and had to drink liquid potassium three times a day as well as taking 6 pills a day. I had ivs in both arms so then they decided to put what they call a pick bridge in my neck to hold all the ivs. I ended up with thrush from all the steroids, then my heart started acting up, i was on morphine for three weeks due to the pain. Nothing seemed to be working, i had a bladder infection, so here comes the Cather, they called the surgeons in at 10 P.M. one night as they though they would have to operate and give me a colostomy bag....oh no!! They thought they would wait and see if a remicade infusion would help, but that is not covered and they had to apply to the government for funding due to the very high cost of $4,400.00 each infusion. They told me i was very ill and i had Cronhns Disease which is incurable but manageable and ulcerative colitis. I lost 60 pounds, and then due to the prednisone i became diabetic which only stays that way while on the drug.

I spent six weeks in hospital , had therapy to learn to walk again , and finally got to go home. I am still ill and my crohns is active. I had two Remicade infusions in the hospital and after i came home another one in an infusion clinic. I will have to have these as long as they work every 8 weeks.

A week ago i was once again ill for two weeks, i had gained 20 pounds upon returning home, but due to being ill again lost those 20 pounds. I had to go into the hospital again this past Tuesday for my fourth colonoscopy so that they could see what was going on. They told me that i was still active, to continue with the Remicade treatments, finish the prednisone and he would see me again the end of August. I have been on sick leave from work since January 5th, 2009, my family do not think l will ever be able to work again, i am not so sure of that, but do know i hope that through the infusion treatments i go into remission. So i now have to take it day by day as i nver know when i will not be able to eat and bceome ill again.

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