Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Very Late Merry Christmas

I really wanted to share some great news with everyone, but those dreams died . I worked very hard on a mega kit for a new store and had added some of my designs for sale. There were several designers in a group and lo and behold just before Christmas i was removed as a member!! I was shocked, hurt and angry about this.

I then e-mailed the store admin and had all of my designs removed, i did not want to sell anything after being treated this way.

I will be sharing some of the freebies i did make for the store.

Keep Looking


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  1. I'm so sorry to hear that ((Marta))! If anyone deserves to be treated 100% better it is YOU! As long as I have known you and had trouble like a FMB or whatnot because of my disabilities, you have ALWAYS been there for me as a list owner, but more so as a friend. Hang in there girl! When one door closes, a better one opens for special, caring people with so much talent to share like you!
    love & hugs, Marie