Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Something new

I received an e-mail this morning from someone in the Netherlands and she wanted to use some of my tubes for a music video she was making . I gave her permission and this is the link to the you tube video.
I was excited and very pleased. 

The song is in greek and it is a love song
Here are the word in English


You come into my loneliness through my window,

I let you stumble on it,

I need you tonight my beauty,

to hug me with a fleeting touch.

You are a woman, a rose thorn,

You capture smells into the dark.

I remember bleeding whenever I touch you,

every time I search for your smell.

Hide yourself again, lonely woman

and let me look around for you,

your perfume always gets caught somewhere,

somewhere to the edge, all alone...

Hide yourself again into the dark,

my loneliness sends a ray on you

making the thorn of your smell

lean on me.

I wonder about your secret,

the one attached with your white sheets,

and this feeling I get after you are gone,

causes my loneliness as the night falls.

You are a woman, a rose thorn,

tonight you get caught again into my loneliness,

your perfume has rolled on my sheets

trying to cover a forgotten "good morning".

English translation: Apostolia Tsigara

Here is my tube group

Hope you enjoy this video